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Intro to Flight Sessions 10 and 11 Students Graduate, Earn Top Gun Challenge Awards

The Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation (GYAF) held their Intro to Flight Program graduation Saturday at Creve Coeur Airport. Sessions 10 and 11 students met for their final classes and received their certificates of completion from Foundation President, Joe Steimann.  

Last week's class from each session featured a final exam - a scored flight pattern exercise on the V/R flight simulators. The point leaders from each session were presented with a Top Gun Challenge award. Intro to Flight Program graduates are eligible for a flight training scholarship from one of the program sponsors, Piston Aviation.

The GYAF V/R flight simulation lab is especially valuable for providing a realistic flight experience, allowing the Intro to Flight Program participants to fly together in real time, at their own airport and with the actual weather conditions experienced that day. This use of the latest technology also provides a fair way to grade their Top Gun Challenge performance using the software's scoring system. 

Sessions 12 and 13 will begin March 9. Contact the Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation for openings in future sessions. 

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