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Intro to Flight Session 3 Held at Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation

The third session of the Intro to Flight program was held at the Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation on Saturday, February 4. Each class (morning and afternoon) began with a motivational talk by Jim Hunt, former fighter pilot with the Missouri Air National Guard who also flew with Ozark Airlines and American Airlines. He currently flies general aviation aircraft with a club at Creve Coeur Airport. The students went on to another fun lesson in aeronautics and flew patterns in a Cessna 150 on the V/R flight simulators. After each class, the students got to sit in a real Cessna 150 on static display outside of the hangar thanks to owner/pilot Jill Rempala. Special thanks to ground school instructor Dave Kleinschmidt and simulator instructor Sebastian Valenzuela, a CFI with Piston Aviation, for providing their expert instruction.

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