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Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation Project Update: Helicopter, Flight Simulators, Pedal Car

Updated: Jan 29

The Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation continues to grow, adding more fun and educational resources to inspire youth interest in aviation. In recent days, the GYAF has installed a three-axis flight demonstrator and two flight simulators - conventional desk-top and a virtual reality system with airplane and helicopter simulation capabilities. The new P-51 pedal plane has been in nearly continual use this week, and work continues on the OH-58 helicopter restoration to flight project. The impressive F-4 Phantom cockpit mobile exhibit resides in the Foundation hangar when not at another event site, and visitors can sit in the fully-instrumented cockpit (a rare opportunity in any museum). Planning for spring and summer 2021 events and appearances are now underway. Please contact the Foundation for more information, and we welcome your year-end, tax-deductible contributions to support future programs. 

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