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Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation OH-58 Helicopter Makes Test Run

Updated: Jan 29

The Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation reached a significant milestone this week: the ground testing of the newly installed turbine and rotors on the Bell OH-58C Kiowa helicopter. The Kiowa restoration to flight began in earnest in August following the completion of the mobile F-4 Phantom II cockpit exhibit, and the work has progressed to the ground run conducted last Thursday. All systems functioned perfectly, and work continues toward a first flight.

The week's activities are highlighted below. Some of the photos were provided by Joe Steimann. Special thanks to Kurt Mungenast, Will Farwell, Joshua Allison, Tim Ogan, Jimmy Johnson, Lando Rivera, Nick Hisserich, Curt Croy, Robert Leeling, Dennis Norris and all the other people involved with making this a reality.

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