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Intro to Flight Sessions Continue at Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation

The second session of the Intro to Flight program was held at the Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation on Saturday, January 28. Each class (morning and afternoon) was introduced by a seasoned veteran presenting their experience in the aviation field. This week we had Ken Webb talking about his career as an Airline Transport Pilot and also the legendary George Andre, who was a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and test pilot for Lockheed's SR-71 Blackbird program. The students went on to another fun lesson in aeronautics and V/R flight simulation exercises.

So far, we have almost 40 students enrolled in this program, and we have two classes every Saturday with eight students per class. Every one of the students has taken this very seriously, and their enthusiasm for aviation continues beyond the session. Please visit the Intro to Flight page for details and registration information.

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