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The next major program now undertaken by the Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation is the restoration to flight of an OH-58C Kiowa U.S. Army scout helicopter. 

The OH-58 is a Military observation/light attack helicopter based on the very popular Bell 206 Jet Ranger. Bell produced over 2,200 of these aircraft in several different models. Our OH-58 is a C/S model, serial number 70-15598. This aircraft was delivered in 1972, and it served with was the 1/9 Cav, 7/17 Cav and the 2/6 Cav where it served in Desert Storm. It was finally sent to Fort Rucker in 2009 as a flight training Aircraft. In July of 2018, the aircraft was selected to serve in the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) program. It was sent to Pasadena Police department and became a parts donor to keep other aircraft flying. In August of 2019 the aircraft was purchased from auction and was retrieved soon thereafter. 

After a  3,752 miles road trip, it made it's way to Creve Coeur Airport. Work has begun on its restoration back to flying condition. We are sure it will be a huge part of our mission goal of inspiring our youth to pursue a career in aviation.



Updated April 2021

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